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PBV Applicants

NOHA now offers unit-based rental assistance at designated Project Based Voucher (PBV) properties. To apply for the PBV wait list(s), you can submit a wait list pre-application (see the Forms page). Every PBV applicant’s position on the wait list(s) is determined by the original date and time the completed PBV pre-application is received.

Current HCV wait list applicants may apply for PBV wait lists if interested, by submitting an updated wait list pre-application. Your current HCV wait list position will not be negatively impacted by the choice to apply or not apply for any PBV wait list(s).

Project-Based Voucher (PBV) Briefing

HCV Applicants

NOHA maintains a Housing Choice Voucher program wait list for tenant-based rental assistance. Every applicant’s position on the wait list is determined by the original date and time the completed pre-application was received by NOHA. When NOHA has vouchers available, applicants are selected from the wait list in date/time order.

The Waitlist Status Lookup link can be used to check your present status on Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher & Project-Based Voucher program waitlists only. In regards to your current waitlist status for NOHA multifamily properties, please contact the office directly at (503)994-5027 or

Waiting List Status Lookup

All Applicants – Updating Your Information

You must notify NOHA in writing of any changes to your contact information. To make an update, use the change report form located on the Forms page. It is your responsibility as a wait list applicant to ensure NOHA has your most current contact information on file so we can notify you when you are selected from the wait list. Failure to respond to a selection notification will result in your withdrawal from the wait list.

Voucher Program Briefing

Voucher recipients, once you have watched the below presentation contact NOHA for a briefing acknowledgement checklist form.

Briefing Presentation

Tenant Account Information

Tenant Balance Lookup